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My name is AnnaJo Lubasi (they/she)


Beyond performing, I am a true adventurer at heart. I am a huge fan of travel, exploring film, music & cuisines of all sorts, musing in museums/galleries, serving looks, good conversation, finding hidden gems and any intriguing side quests I can get my hands on.

Through my passions, professional collaborations and personal life, I hope to champion the pursuit of ultimate fulfillment within myself and others around me by nourishing creativity, spontaneity and compassion.

Let's party!

I'm an actor/singer/dancer/model/icon (to name a few)

As a half Zambian/half Wisconsinite, I come from a life filled with diverse cultural influences & vibrant love for the world around me. Unsurprisingly, I quickly discovered theatre, which has since helped to forge my artistry, humanity and mechanisms of perspective through acting, vocal and dance training over the past 15+ years.


Outside of creating art of my own, I am a passionate, lifelong learner eager to celebrate the beauty found in all walks of life.

I desire to operate in spaces filled with joy and fierce convictions while producing work infused with respect, intelligence, authenticity and care on all fronts. I am also extremely passionate about championing Black and LGBTQ+ artistry, for both my own identity, as well as for my fellow accomplices in art.


I earned my BFA in Musical Theatre from Ithaca College in May 2023, where I had the pleasure training with theatrical, film and community-centric arts projects to hone my craft. I have since relocated to New York City as a jumping off point for my career.​​

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